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Antoine Rucker lives a double life. During the day he is a young black up and coming IT executive for a large Atlanta based insurance company. On the weekends when night falls, he takes to the streets the popular Bulldogs Club and sells his body. Slide in between the covers of Boy 4 Higher and find out why Antoine is such an enigma. Get an up close look at life on the streets and crooked cops.

An Excerpt:

I wake up in the middle of the night and toss and turn. It’s two a.m. “Too busy for bullshit.” My boss’s voice rings in my head. It’s not that I don’t have enough to do at work. The problem is I’m too fucking smart. I know how to cut out the bullshit and get right to the core of a problem. I don’t have to read reams of reports or listen to some idiots chirp back and forth for hours to come up with answers I had five minutes into the meeting. When I was a kid in school, I was always the one who finished the assignment first. That gave me plenty of time to bullshit and cut up. I was the A-student getting those unsatisfactory marks in conduct. If they’d unleash me, I could run the entire Data Services with half the staff. But the CEO follows the wishes of the Family Stockholders. They believe in taking care of employees from the first day they spring through the door, to the day they hobble out on a cane. All of upper management toes that line. I got my sites beyond the CIO’s office. More with less is my motto. But shit, I shouldn’t have missed that conference call.

I roll over and feel my dick hard against my belly. For some reason, I wonder what Mike and Bunny are up to. Are they making love? Is he thinking about me as he plunges into her? I imagine him quietly grunting as his ass quivers between her thighs. I imagine a four-poster bed rocking to his monotonous rhythm. She gazes at a painting of boats out at sea. She imagines herself floating in one of the boats as the waves rock and lap against the sides. A sailor with bronze shoulders makes love to her. She feels Mike’s thighs tighten and knows he’s about to come. At that moment she moans and quivers. He rolls off and is fast asleep. But the sailor pushes her breasts together and kisses each nipple. His lips trail down to her belly button. She rubs herself and cries out softly. And this is how Mike and Bunny will survive another seven years unless his lies catch up with him.

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The Queen off duty

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Saying Thanks to Fans

It's been a labor of love for the thirty plus years of writing or what I like to call "wordsmithing." Poetry and Fiction have been the focus, but we've also delved into the dramatic works as well. Please enjoy these free works, that we've affectionately covered with the image of the dog barking at a pair of lips. It's my philosophy that writing is about barking out of the box. So click on your favorite Bookstore link and enjoy.

When Dogs Bark (Fiction) @ Nook, iTunes, and Smashwords

How I Got Over (Poetry) @ Nook, iTunes, and Smashwords

No Satisfaction (Poetry) @ Nook, iTunes, and Smashwords 

We are Here (Poetry) @ Nook, iTunes, and Smashwords

Enjoy all of the works published by Wes Writers and Publishers at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, iTunes, and Smashwords. Diversity rules. You'll find a genre perfect for your reading pleasure.

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April is Pottery Month!

Well umm, not quite.  The fingers doth slip these days. But April is Poetry Month.  Pen a verse or read a verse just be verseable. Okay you're tired of my language and typing flubs. So Enjoy some poetry on me.  
Americana is always free at Smashwords,  iTunes, and Nook. Sorry Kindle owners you will have to pay.

Bark Too is free with a coupon code only at Smashwords. Use code CJ96S at checkout. We might extend it beyond this month. Who knows, quoth the raven.

The Last Supper is available at Smashwords, iTunes, Kindle, and Nook for the low price of $.99 Well you can pay more as much as a million dollars. I'll give you a paypal link if you wish to do so. So...
Don't be cheap
Take a peep
at verse and rhyme
Cheaper than
the cost of a lime.

Um the poems in the book are better.

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Oh wait. Not so soon. The question came up in an Amazon Forum recently. It is the dream of many writers to make a living doing what we love. And let's face it, today's writer has a dung load of responsibilities.

I may make this leap myself. If I stay out of casinos and pay off more bills, I can do this for a year. In the old days when we just wrote and sent off books, or perhaps went to writing conferences, it was much easier to be a writer in my opinion. We wrote and then checked the mailbox three weeks later or stood by the phone waiting for that Editor's call. Now we must be business people. I think I could do more with more time. But then again...My book sales sure aren't saying, "Yes, do this." But I do have a lot more books in me. I would to use my 50's energy to write and do all of the "business" stuff. I work 13 hour night shifts sometimes 4 or five nights a week. Anyone who has ever worked nights can testify how energy draining that is. and most of the time, I don't work alone, so I'm always distracted. My condo is paid off, although I do have to pay a ridiculously high Maintenance fee--in my opinion, but it's still cheaper than rent. That's the practical stuff to consider.

But in making a decision like this, the first person to have a good long talk to is yourself. Am I really disciplined and dedicated? Am I going to fritter away my time playing games on the computer? Can I carve out my day and stick to my schedule of writing, editing, and promoting? Will I do more on Goodreads? Will I read more like I swear I will? How will I react while I'm just making pennies? Do I have a game plan for medical emergencies and car breakdowns. As they say "All going out and nothing coming in will break the Bank of England." Can I stick to my allotted budget? Can I stay away from shopping? 

So it's more than a dream. Know yourself first--the real you, not the you that you dream you think you are.  Think about it.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Why Does "Poerty" sic Not Sell

"Why does poetry not sell?" a poster wondered on a forum somewhere. I thought about the question, because I too write poetry. My answer to him applies to me also.

Poetry doesn't sell well because there simply isn't a huge demand for it. When was the last time you saw a poetry book on the front table of a bookstore? In a traditional bookstore it's normally in the back on the bottom shelf. It might get some notice in April during National Poetry month. Really, is this society demanding poetry? Will there ever be a superbowl size event featuring poets? I may be wrong, but the last hurrah for poetry might have been during the 70's or mid 80's. Sure you have spoken word events, but those focus on something else besides the poetry.
Then there is the issue of who are you? Do you hang out in poetry circles online or in the physical world? Do you attend readings where you can mention your book or books? When you're selling poetry, you need to have an audience to bring with you. Much like a hairstylist might be expected to bring clients to a new shop.
There is also the matter of taste. Some people are more into form and all of the formal constructs of a poem. Some don't like "messagy" poems. Some people don't like rhyming poetry.
And now your pricing...I might pay $6.99 for a book from a poet I know something about...Amiri Baraka, Billy Collins, Rita Dove maybe, or Allen Ginsberg. If I go to a reading and if the poet "wowed" me I might buy their book.
Maybe lower your price for the ebook and save that higher price for a paperback edition.

If you're a poet or poetry lover, share your thoughts.

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